What I’m Working On: May 2021

Bodhi Leaf Washcloths

FINISHED – See my post here. These linen washcloths are addictive. I have made 15 so far and will definitely be making more.

Isler Hat and Mitts

FINISHED – See my post here. This lightweight hat and mitts set is the perfect warmth for spring! It has been raining lately, so it was cool enough to wear these yesterday.

Mood Cardigan

IN PROGRESS – I’m about halfway done with this beautiful garment (pattern on Ravelry), which is from MDK Field Guide No. 15. It goes pretty fast because it mostly consists of two rectangles made with an easy to memorize lace pattern. It will really get interesting when I’m ready to assemble the pieces and finish it off! I’m using La Bien Aimee Helix yarn in the stunning dark pink Lise colorway.

Mini Clerestory Shrug

FINISHED – I am really taken with all five of Jeanette Sloan’s designs in MDK Field Guide No. 15, and I plan to knit them all eventually. I have too many other projects ongoing to start on the Clerestory Shawl yet, but I realized it might be a good pattern to adapt as a quick little shrug for my three year old daughter. It’s a nice way to practice the two lace patterns that make up the shawl. I just finished this, so I didn’t have time yet to write a post or take good pictures, so the above photo shows how it looked after blocking.

Far Hills Scarf

IN PROGRESS – I got a lot farther with this scarf this month. I’m now over halfway done! I have 3 pattern repeats left to do, then the ribbing and finishing. Here is the pattern on Ravelry.

Garter Stripe Shawl

IN PROGRESS – This shawl is really more like a blanket…it will end up being about 3.5 feet wide by 6 feet long! From MDK Field Guide No. 13, it is a glorious meditation on color, designed by Kaffe Fassett and worked in Rowan Felted Tweed. It is going to take a long time to make, and so far I’m about 7% done.

Log Cabin Cloths

IN PROGRESS – Do you ever feel like you have to knit a certain thing right now and your other projects will justhave to wait? I got that feeling the other day, and dug into my backlog of yarn kits to start on these washcloths. The patterns are from MDK Field Guide No. 4, and the yarn is Rowan Handknit Cotton. These are fun and easy, and get the imagination going. What other combinations of squares and rectangles could I make?

Bodhi Leaf Washcloths

These adorable little garter stitch washcloths (my Ravelry project) are from the Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 7: Ease. The design uses a sport weight linen yarn, Euroflax Sport Weight from Lofty Fiber. MDK has an exclusive collection of mini-skeins in delightful color combinations. I loved them so much I bought all 8 colorways! This is enough to make at least 40 washcloths.

St. Lucia colorway

These little beauties are quick to knit, with each one clocking in at about 45 minutes for me. Although there is a lot of shaping, the pattern is easy to memorize. I had it down pat by my third washcloth. It starts with an I-cord, then there is an increase section with a tiny bit of lace. Next you knit straight for several rows, and finally the tip of the leaf is shaped with decreases.

Santa Fe colorway

Finishing is easy, too – you attach the I-cord to make a little loop, weave in just two ends, and wet block to shape. The blocking step is key if you want the washcloth to lie flat. As it comes off the needles, it has a rounded part in the center that flattens out easily once it gets wet. The linen yarn starts out a little scratchy, but it’s supposed to soften up with use.

Sea colorway

I gave these three sets away for Mother’s Day, along with some lovely hand soaps. I have five more colorways left in my Euroflax stash, and I’m debating which of them to make into more washcloths and which I will use to try other patterns. I’m sure I will be making more of these snack-size projects in between some of my larger projects!