Inventory #9 – September

(edited:  replaced some photos with better ones!)

September was a great month for knitting! I even threw a little crochet into the mix, too. For the first time during my stash challenge, I used over 10% of my inventory in a month, 505 g to be exact. Being on vacation the whole month really influenced the amount of time I had to knit — I doubt there will ever be another month like this once I start my new job.


My first project this month was a Chevron Scarf crocheted from 170 g of peach-colored Caron Simply Soft yarn. This was a nice simple project to get back into crochet — I learned when I was about 10 years old from a lovely woman named Virginia, and dabbled with it off and on since then, most recently about 10 years ago. Anyway, I found this scarf pattern easy to learn and work on while chatting with friends. After the first row, there is only one row that you repeat over and over until the scarf is the right length.


Five or six years ago I bought two balls of South West Trading Company Twizé bamboo yarn on sale, and they had been languishing in my stash ever since. I just didn’t love them and struggled to find a pattern that inspired me to use them. This month I finally used them to knit a Blogathon Lace Triangle Scarf. I modified the pattern slightly by ending with a few rows of garter stitch to keep the top edge from rolling and by neglecting to add the designer’s recommended tassels. The scarf took 200 g of the Twizé, and while I am pleased with how it looks and feels, I did not enjoy knitting with this yarn. The fibers separate very easily, especially when doing the double decrease stitch that is central to the lace pattern. But Ravelry tells me that the yarn has been discontinued, so I guess none of us have to worry about that anymore!



The rest of the yarn I used in September was cotton used to knit various dishcloths/washcloths. First I made two Almost Lost Washcloths from a multicolored Lily Sugar’n’Creme cotton yarn (70 g total). This pattern uses garter stitch and short rows to make round, scalloped cloths. I found the pattern pretty easy to memorize after the first few repeats. Next I made four mini washcloths using the Mini Almost Lost Washcloth pattern and three different colorways of Lily Sugar’n’Creme (35 g total). This pattern is similar to the larger cloths and even easier to learn, plus it’s a great way to use up small amounts of yarn. Finally, I made a Dr. Who TARDIS Dishcloth from 30 g of some unknown orange cotton yarn. I don’t follow the show, but I know the TARDIS is supposed to be blue…work with me, I have a stash to clear out!


Overall, I made great progress in September toward my goal of using up all the yarn in my stash. I’m almost halfway there! Thank you for following along on my journey.

  • 55 different yarns remaining
  • 2814 g remaining (56.28%)
  • 31 projects completed in 2015

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